Quick and easy download of published software packets.

Here iam offering my software products for free download. You can find libraries, frameworks, server environments and other may useful software pieces.

Currently iam developing and testing on Windows XP/7 (32/64 bit) and Debian linux (squeeze_x86)

Sofware packets

WRE : WebRuntimeEnvironment

WRE is a web development / runtime environment. It consists of the apache2 webserver , php5 , mysql database and postgresql database. You're maybe now thinking: Are there not enought such software packages? XAMPP, Bitnami etc.?
I say, for sure. But none of them or other which i currently know can compete with WRE.

There is a special very easy to use windows console (WRE-Konsole.bat) where you have a bunch of simple commands to setup and manage the whole installation. It is very easy for everyone!
Just try it out! All advantages and detailed information will follow here soon!

PHRAMEWORK : php5 application framework

this framework uses the plib classes library (see details below) to implement the functionality.
it is very easy to use and to adapt to your needs.i know this is a promise which nearly every php framework comes with. but i can guarantee to you: if you have basic knowledge about php and programing, you will be able to modify this framework even without having read any line of documentation. It is really simpel!

PHRAMEWORK is easy to use and adapt and has some special features like a firewall, an ids to detect attacks against your application and an ips to react on attacks.You can even get a SMS immidiately on attacks. You can easily use directory servers (ActiveDirectory,OpenLDAP,OpenDS) for logins. To start you even do not need a "real" database like MySQL or PostgreSQL. PHRAMEWORK uses the file database SQlite3 as default.

Just copy it to your server, run setup.php, do 5 clicks and you're ready! Read more (coming soon)

plib : persistent php5 classes collection

When i started to devlop web applications with php, i often had problems with dependencies or missing functionality.
So i started to collect all my functions in classes and collected them in a library.
I aimed at following:
- use default configurations, to run most web hosting provider environments without modifications
- avoid dependencies to modules which are not availibale per default
- rewrite functions which lack in functionality and ease of use (mail functions of php i.e.)
- add functions which are not availiable without special modules (i.e. AES-encryption)
- detect configuration "automagically" as much as possible
- nearly no dependencies between the classes themselves (just copy and use a class in other projects)
- no special architecture and error handling , very easy to use and adapt by other developers

Just give it a try! Maybe you want to look in the class library? Use the class browser

Read more (coming soon)

LSE : linux server environment

LSE is more or less the same for linux as WRE for windows. It aims to run in a separated 3-tier architecture, but can easily run combined on one machine,too.

Software and details will follow soon...

Read more (coming soon)


LAGOS : photo sharing application

This is a web application for everyone, who wants to host and provide his own photo sharing website.
Especially users like photographers or web admins who want to publish on their own plattform!
It is useful for many cases. Use it where you want that everyone has full control over his own pictures.

LAGOS uses the PHRAMEWORK engine to run and has all of it's advantages and features. See above for details.

Read more (coming soon)

Scripts etc.

So far none published.





  • Linux storage cluster control
    (coming soon) this linux script helps you setting up a DRBD storage cluster with all it's pitfalls. it manages your storage, monitors your cluster and simplifies all cli configuration work to just some commands